Jay Harris Appointed to Microsoft Regional Director Program

LAS VEGAS, Nevada—Arana Software is pleased to announce that founding partner, Jay Harris, has been invited to join Microsoft's prestigious Regional Director program. The program, consisting of approximately 150 professionals globally, recognizes some of the world's leading innovators in software and information technology.

As a member of the Regional Director program, Microsoft will look to Jay as a leader and visionary in both the business world and the developer community. In their capacity as non-paid advisors to Microsoft, Regional Directors provide regular feedback to the company's senior leadership and executive teams.

Uniquely, Regional Directors are renowned for their expertise beyond Microsoft platforms alone. Instead, they are valued by Microsoft and industry leaders precisely because of their knowledge across a variety of platforms, frameworks, and architectures. Drawing on their experience, Regional Directors are better equipped to understand Microsoft customers' needs and concerns while reporting back to Microsoft product teams to ensure an ever-improving customer experience.

While Jay also continues to be a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), the two programs are notably different concerning their underlying purpose. While the MVP award focuses on in-depth technical knowledge, Regional Directors focus on business consultation and the organizational "big picture" within the technical landscape.

All Regional Directors serve for renewable two-year terms. Jay’s participation in the program began effective April 1, 2017.