Arana Software to Sponsor Dev Around the Sun

LAS VEGAS, Nevada— Arana Software is proud to announce it is sponsoring the fundraising event Dev Around The Sun. This online streaming conference will feature technologists from around the globe reconnecting with their colleagues, offering hope, raising awareness, and helping provide financial relief to people fighting the current global pandemic.

Dev Around the Sun Logo

Arana Software is heavily involved in the global technology community, including participation in the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Microsoft Regional Director programs, stewardship for Give Camp, and organization for local and virtual Meetups. Jay Harris, president of Arana Software, said, “As developers, we are problem solvers, but many developers are feeling helpless to solve the problem of the current global pandemic. Dev Around the Sun is an opportunity to unite the global developer community, regardless of our technologies and backgrounds, to help raise funds toward finding a solution.“

Dev Around The Sun is a 24-hour, telethon-style, multi-platform fundraiser hosted by the .NET Foundation to raise money for Direct Relief’s coronavirus emergency fund. Technology speakers from around the world will present a wide range of topics. The fundraiser will feature high-level talks on technology and human skills from a diverse group of renowned speakers who will educate, entertain, and inspire an international audience in the comfort of their own homes. Streaming will begin on Twitch and Youtube beginning on May 12, 2020 at 12:00 UTC, 5:00 AM US Pacific Time.

Access to Dev Around The Sun’s 24-hour event is public and open to everyone. The public may sign up at

To sponsor or to make a matching contribution to Dev Around The Sun, contributors should visit Individual supporters of the event may donate to Direct Relief’s Coronavirus Fund at

About Arana Software

Arana Software is a software consulting agency that provides a mindful blend of business and marketing implemented through the effective creation of software. Our focus is on collaborating the human element of building the right thing with the technical element of building the thing right, marketing ideas and bringing ideas to market.

About Dev Around The Sun

Dev Around the Sun is a group of technologists, from all backgrounds, from around the globe, with two important goals in mind: to raise awareness and provide financial support for the many people fighting the current coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, while also delivering hope and reconnecting those in the global developer community.


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